An English medium, co-ed and comprehensive private school from Kindergarten to Grades 12.

Admission Policy for the Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. KG admission will be opened on March 1st until March 26th.
  2. Admission priority will be given to the students, who have siblings in the school.
  3. Acceptance of students of determination, with minor or intermediate cases, is decided when a medical report exists.
  4. New students will be registered according to the following years of birth, (KG1 -2016), (KG2 - 2015), (Grade 1 – 2014).
  5. Re –registration for the enrolled students in the school will begin on April 5th to May 14th after paying current academic year’s fee.
  6. Students who miss re-registration will lose their seats for theNext academic year.
  7. Registration for new students opens on March 1st for grades (1-12).
  8. There is an entrance exam for grades (1-12) in April.  The test is held in the School every Thursday for (English & Math) subjects at 1:00p.m to 2:30pm. Student should come 15 minutes earlier before the exam.
  9. Students will not re-do the entrance exam if they score below average.
  10.  Exam results will be announced after two working days.
  11.  Students coming from MOE curriculum are not accepted from grade six and above.
  12.  Students who pass the admission exam will be called for interviews.
  13.  Students should submit (behavior certificate) from their previous schools.
  14.  Final decision for accepting will depend on the personal interview.
  15.  In case the parents did not complete the requirements, the registration will be cancelled automatically after four days.