A Dream Comes True

Annash Assaleh Private School was established in 1994 by the owner and Principal Mrs. Mahra Al Humairi, in pursuit of a challenging dream to provide quality education to the younger generation of Al Ain city using the best resources available.  She was, then, the first Emirati woman to own a school in Al Ain city. She envisioned a school that would enable each child in her city to develop to his/her full creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical potentials.

School Expansion

The school started operating as an early childhood school & nursery in an apartment in Manazef area in Al-Ain city. Then it soon gained popularity within the Al-Ain community for its Montessori program combined with Islamic manners and values. The number of the children from the neighborhood joining the school grew steadily necessitating the occupation of a more spacious building. It was shifted to a large Villa in Alameriah area. In response to the parents’ demand grades 1-3 were added. The growth continued till this dedicated building was constructed in 2004 at Al Tuwaiia area in the northwest of Al-Ain City; approximately 10 km from the down town. This new building was constructed on about 12000 m2 of land, with a covered area of about 18000 m2 comprising of two floors. The outside courts cover the remaining 3000 m2 of the total surface area of the land.