About University

Our school is a non-profit educational institution established on 1994. It is meant to provide students with a uniqe educational experience and help them gain moral values through applying an American system while committing to the requirements of ADEC and their behavioral list which will help in preparing you for higher educational levels inside and outside UAE. The school also helps students in building their personalities

Our Mission:

Al Nasha’a Al Saleh Private School serves all educational levels, instilling principles, habits and character traits par excellence applying Montessori system, special needs and the gifted and talented student programs

Our Vision:

Our eco friendly school seeks to become the community’s first choice in providing intelligent and interactive educational services.

Our Motto:

“Looking towards the future, while remaining true to values and traditions.”

In pursuit of this mission, the school has been guided by a set of principles and beliefs:
Commitment to continuous improvement
Idealism for Achievement
Stress on Discipline.
Fostering Distinction
Community Service
Stakeholders' Satisfactio